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Barents Rescue Exercise 2015: September 30 – October 1

The Finnish Ministry of the Interior will host a multi-sectoral Barents Rescue 2015 Exercise in Kittilä, Finland.

The objective of the exercise is multi-sectoral co-operation in the field of emergency prevention, preparedness and response between the four countries of the Barents region: Finland, Norway, Russia and Sweden. The co-operation and the bi-annual exercise are based on the Barents Agreement on Emergency Prevention, Preparedness and Response in the Euro-Arctic Region between these four countries.

In the scenario, extreme weather conditions have caused severe shortcomings to the infrastructure with fatal consequences, a fire in the mine and a road accident involving a HAZMAT truck and a tourist bus.

Alarming procedures, communication and border crossing in the Barents area as well as the national Host Nation Support arrangements will be exercised during these two days.

Seminars and an exhibition will be included in the exercise programme.