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Circumpolar Marine Environmental Risk Assessment (CMERA) Workshop 6-7 November in Tromsø

One of the recommendations from the EPPR RP3 summary report delivered to the Kiruna Ministerial Meeting was to conduct a Circumpolar Marine Environment Risk Assessment (CMERA). In the same report it was recommended that the Arctic Council should inventory existing risk assessments in the Arctic, identify common elements and environmental differences, as well as methodologies of undertaking these activities, and conduct a Circumpolar Marine Environment Risk Assessment, if appropriate.  The aim of the recommendation is to better link the sensitivities of the Arctic marine environment with scientific calculations on risks caused by shipping and offshore oil and gas activities in the Arctic Ocean both presently and in the future.

In order to evaluate the proposed conduct of a CMERA, EPPR agreed to conduct  a workshop where the Arctic states, AC working groups, PPs and others inform about existing marine environmental risk assessments (MERAs) and other relevant information from within the AC for a MERA. In addition, participants in the workshop will discuss common elements, methodologies and environmental differences in the Arctic. One outcome of the workshop may be a draft project plan for a Circumpolar Marine Environment Risk Assessment (CMERA). EPPR will consider any recommendations from the workshop for acceptance as projects.

The date for the workshop is November 6-7, in Tromsø Norway. It will be back-to back with another workshop “ Oil-in Ice – to disperse or not to disperse” ( November 5) and the semiannual EPPR II meeting (November 8) all held in Tromsø.