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Cooperation with Other Organizations

Cooperation with Other Organizations

Region: Circumpolar
Project Period: Ongoing
Funding: Country funding for their own participation

Brief: The EPPR Working Group cooperates on projects and information sharing related to emergency prevention, preparedness and response with other Arctic Council working groups and organizations such as the Northern Forum. Current initiatives include the following.

1. Developing International Nuclear Emergency Response Capabilities

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is fostering development of international response capabilities to address ‘nuclear events’, including small radiological incidents, Called National Assistance Capabilities, these assets can be used to respond to events at home or abroad, either through deployment of resources, or “home-based” support, such as analysis of monitoring data. EPPR member countries have been invited to help shape the Arctic component of this ongoing project via the development of a nuclear response component of the Arctic Rescue initiative.

2. Table Top Emergency Exercises

The Arctic Military Environmental Cooperation (AMEC) partners will conduct a tabletop emergency exercise involving the transport of radioactive material in the Murmansk region, in 2005; EPPR member countries are invited to participate. The scenario has not yet been finalized.

Several other table top exercises are planned where EPPR member countries are invited to participate or observe, including:

  • The Barents – Euro Arctic Council Barents Rescue 2005 exercise (terrorism, SAR and oil spill)
  • The US-led biennial ‘Spill of National Significance’ exercise.

3. Cooperation with Northern Forum

The EPPR prepared an updated report (March 2004) on potential cooperation with the Northern Forum, specifically the EPPR response to the recommendations from the Northern Forum’s April 2002 Severe Cold Climate Emergency Response Workshop. The Northern Forum has confirmed their interest and support to undertake work on 4 of the 8 recommendations with respect to oil spills. The Working Group will continue to cooperate with the Northern Forum on activities that support the EPPR agenda, particularly in light of the recent inclusion of natural disasters in the EPPR mandate.