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Chapter 7 (Emergencies) – Arctic Offshore Oil and Gas Guidelines (PAME)

Project Period: Completed June 1997, update completed 2002

The current Arctic Offshore Oil and Gas Guidelines (October 2002) were completed by the Arctic Council’s Protection of the Marine Environment (PAME) Working Group, but represent the combined efforts of the PAME, EPPR, AMAP (Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program) and CAFF (Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna) working groups. The update of the 1997 Guidelines was assisted by the involvement and comments received from representatives of Arctic, regional and other governments, non-governmental organizations, industry, indigenous people, and the scientific community to provide agreed guidelines for offshore oil and gas activities in the Arctic. Chapter 7 – ‘Emergencies’ – deals with both prevention and response. To view or download the complete Guidelines, please refer to the PAME working group webpage: