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Current Activities and Projects

The EPPR Work Group undertakes projects by consensus. Per EPPR’s Operating Guidelines, project and activity proposals are submitted 30 days prior to Working Group meetings for consideration by Heads of Delegation and participants.  The project framework used for submitting proposals is below as is a list of current EPPR projects.

EPPR Project Framework

EPPR approved the Project Framework as an accepted EPPR Business Practice in order to provide the most current information on projects for the required reports to meetings of Senior Arctic Officials, Ministers and Vice Ministers, Heads of Work Groups and EPPR meetings. We encourage EPPR members to use this format for all future project proposals and updates. Project Points of Contact should revise the information as necessary and provide project updates.

Current Projects

EPPR’s current projects are summarized in the EPPR Work Plan 2011 – 2013.  The document shows involvement of countries in the Working Group’s projects for oil pollution, radiological and other hazards, and natural disasters.  Projects are undertaken based on discussions at EPPR Working Group meetings and based on the Strategic Plan of Action and Ministerial direction found in the Declaration.