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Project Framework

Proposing New Projects:

To ensure full and readily available project information, EPPR members agreed to use the following format for proposals:

  1. Project Title: A brief title describing the project. This title will be tracked in the work plan and used in reporting.
  2. Project Overview: A short description of the project.
  3. Lead Organization: The national delegation with primary responsibility for project management, including a specific ministry, office, or organization when applicable.
  4. Point of Contact: The name, phone number, and email address of the individual(s) leading the project.
  5. Background Information: Information that provides contextual information on the justification for the project, including previous work or projects related to the proposal.
  6. Detailed Description: A detailed description of the project goals, milestones, implementation strategies, etc.
  7. Funding: Identification of the cost of the project and source(s) of funding.
  8. Link to EPPR Mission / Strategic Plan: A description of which objectives, initiatives, or activities in the EPPR Strategic Plan that the proposal supports. If no direct link to the current Strategic Plan is apparent, provide a description of the benefit to the Arctic Region.
  9. Partners: A description of other participants in the project and their roles.
  10. Expected Duration: The expected start and completion date of the project.
  11. Final Product: A description of the final output of the project.
  12. Other Information: The above categories are not meant to be limiting or constraining. Project proposals are encouraged to include other relevant information as needed. This could include target audiences, logistical requirements, ties to other Arctic Council Working Group activities, etc…