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Arctic Maps

Circumpolar Map of Resources at Risk from Oil Spills in the Arctic

The Circumpolar Map synthesizes existing information on sources of spills and internationally important biological resources that could be at risk in the event of an oil spill. Thus, it can serve as a tool for considering special precautions when oil operations are being planned close to sensitive areas – such as those containing high priority species that may be experiencing population threats in one form or another. The maps also identify resources at risk that have special implications for the peoples of the Arctic. The maps serve as a first-order overview of risks posed by potential oil spills for governments, international organizations and the general public.

Maps of the Arctic by Country

EPPR member countries have provided information on Arctic mapping available for each of the countries, as indicated below.

CANADA – Under Development
DENMARK/GREENLAND – Under Development
FINLAND – Under Development
ICELAND – Under Development
NORWAY – Under Development
RUSSIA – Under Development
SWEDEN – Under Development