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Emergency Prevention – Canada

Responsibilities of Individual Departments:

Environment Canada

Projecting the dispersion of toxic or polluting substance in air and water, determining estimates of land contamination, and providing other scientific advice and information with respect to environmental processes and impacts (lead role).

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Fisheries and Ocean Canada

Responding to ship-source marine spills (lead role), and assisting in the mitigation of marine pollution from off-shore energy production sources and mystery spills.

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Health Canada

Coordinating the federal response to the offsite impacts of nuclear emergencies that may endanger the health and safety of the public (lead role).

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Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada

Responding to Arctic seas contingencies related to oil and gas exploration and production activities (lead role).

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Transport Canada

Responding to the occurrence or impact of emergencies in or upon federally regulated ports end harbors and related facilities, in coordination with Ports Canada, the departments of Fisheries and Oceans and Public Works and Government Services, harbor commissions and local government authorities.

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