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Two Page Chair Report from EPPR meeting in Reykjavik, Iceland

EPPR held its second meeting of 2015 in Reykjavik, Iceland.  50 participants attended representing all eight AC countries, one Permanent Participant (AIA), two observer states (Singapore and South Korea), two observer organizations (WWF and UArctic), 2 Working Groups (CAFF and PAME), and 2 invited guests from the University of Akureyri.
The meeting focused on follow-up activities from the last EPPR meeting in Svalbard. Project updates and project proposals were discussed. On December 1, two break-out sessions were held, one with the Exercise Design Team (EDT) on the MOSPA exercise planned for mid-2016, and a second on Search and Rescue (SAR).

2 Page Chair Report from EPPR II, Reykjavik (December 2015)