COP26: Tales of two oceans

06 Nov 2021

COP26 - Cryosphere Pavillion

13:00 - 14:15 GMT

The Arctic Ocean and Southern Ocean are crucial components of the Earth’s systems and play key roles in regulating climate. They are home to unique ecosystems that are under serious threat from climate change impacts such as warming, acidification and freshening. These Polar oceans are already experiencing large changes in their chemistry and through continued warming will see more non-polar species moving into them, and knock-on consequences for food webs, fisheries, and climate regulation. This session will provide insight into some of the lesser known but highly significant impacts of climate change in the Polar Oceans; and subsequent wider environmental and societal impacts towards raising ambition for reducing emissions.

Organizers: Plymouth Marine Laboratory, NOAA, AMAP

And don't miss the summary event of the Polar Oceans' Day at the Cryosphere Pavilion: Triple threat to polar oceans at 18:00 GMT. Organized by Plymouth Marine Laboratory, NOAA, British Antarctic Survey and AMAP.

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