Royal Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Information (5 languages) on Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands

Ministry of Environment and Energy

Information on environmental protection, energy and planning

Government link page

A central server providing links to ministries, national institutions, counties
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- Greenland and
- Faroe Island

General Information (mostly on education)

The Danish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education's Polar Secretariat



Government of Greenland

Information from the Government of Greenland

Greenland Parliament

General Greenland Links

University of Greenland

Greenland Institute of Natural Resources

The Greenland Climate Research Center

Ilulissat Icefjord

Greenland tourism



Faroe Islands:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs:  (includes links to other Government ministries)

Parliament of the Faroe Islands:

University of the Faroe Islands:

Faroe Marine Research Institute:

Environmental Agency:

Museum of Natural History:

Faroe Islands Tourist Board:

House of Industry:

Information on Climate Policy:

Information on Fisheries: (in Faroese only)

Information on Whaling: