Russia and the Arctic Region

The Russian Arctic is an immense territory, including:

  • The whole of the Murmansk Region and the Nenets, Yamal-Nenets and Chukotka Autonomous Okrugs;
  • The northern municipalities of the Arkhangelsk Region, the Komi Republic, Krasnoyarsk Territory and the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia); and
  • The archipelagoes and islands in the Russian portion of the Arctic Ocean.

Therefore, efficient and sustainable development of the Arctic is one of the key national priorities of Russia.

The main national interests of the Russian Federation in the Arctic are:

  • the use of the Arctic Zone as a strategic resource base of the Russian Federation, providing solutions to the task of socio-economic development of the country;
  • preservation of the Arctic as an area of peace and cooperation;
  • conservation of the unique ecosystems of the Arctic;
  • use of the Northern Sea Route as a national unified transportation line of the Russian Federation in the Arctic.

According to the Strategy for the Development of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation and National Security Efforts for the period up to 2020, the priority areas for the development of the Russian Arctic are:

  • comprehensive socio-economic development of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation, including improvement of quality of life for the indigenous population and of social conditions for economic activity in the Arctic;
  • development of science and technology;
  • creation of an up-to-date information and telecommunication infrastructure;
  • environmental safety;
  • international cooperation in the Arctic.

In the field of international cooperation, Russia intends: to maintain good neighborly relations with other Arctic States both bilaterally and within regional organizations, including the Arctic Council and the Barents / Euro-Arctic Council; to promote economic, scientific and cultural cooperation in the Arctic; to facilitate efforts of the Arctic States aimed at creation of a unified regional system for search and rescue, as well as at prevention of man-induced disasters and elimination of their consequences; and to promote the efficient use of the Northern Sea Route for international shipping under the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation.



Senior Arctic Official

Nikolay Korchunov


Ambassador at Large, Senior Arctic Official of the Russian Federation
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Russia

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