In addition to the Working Groups there are also Task Forces that operate within the framework of the Arctic Council. The Task Forces are appointed at the Ministerial meetings to work on specific issues for a limited amount of time. The Task Forces are active until they have produced the desired results, at which point they become inactive.

Experts from the Working Groups and representatives from the Arctic States take part in the Task Forces. 


Past Task Forces 

There are eleven Task Forces that have completed their work and are no longer operational. Three of these Task Forces provided the venue for negotiating the Arctic Council's three binding agreements. Click any link below to learn more and view documents.

Task Force on Arctic Marine Cooperation (TFAMC)
Task Force on Improved Connectivity in the Arctic (TFICA)
Task Force on Telecommunications Infrastructure in the Arctic (TFTIA)
Task Force for Enhancing Scientific Cooperation in the Arctic (SCTF)
Task Force on Arctic Marine Oil Pollution Prevention (TFOPP)
Task Force on Black Carbon and Methane (TFBCM)
Task Force to Facilitate the Creation of a Circumpolar Business Forum (TFCBF)
Task Force for Institutional Issues (TFII)
Task Force on Search and Rescue 
Task Force on Arctic Marine Oil Pollution Preparedness and Response
Task Force on Short-Lived Climate Forcers (SLCF)