The PAME Working Group's activities are directed towards protection of the Arctic marine environment. Increased economic activity and significant changes due to climatic processes are resulting in increased use, opportunities and threats to the Arctic marine and coastal environments.  These predicted changes require more integrated approaches to address both existing and emerging challenges of the Arctic marine and coastal environments. 

PAME's mandate is to address policy and non-emergency pollution prevention and control measures related to the protection of the Arctic marine environment from both land and sea-based activities. These include coordinated action programmes and guidelines complementing existing legal arrangements.

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Current Chairmanship




Paula Kankaanpää

Director of the Marine Research Centre
Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE)


Elizabeth McLanahan

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Office of International Affairs

Executive Secretary

Soffia Gudmundsdottir

PAME Secretariat

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+354 462 3390

Secretariat location: Akureyri, Iceland