The ACAP Expert Group on Hazardous Waste develops and facilitates Arctic Council demonstration projects that improve environmentally sound management of hazardous waste, reduce the releases of contaminants, including POPS from hazardous waste into the environment, communicate results, and coordinates synergies between projects.

Terms of Reference

In September 2015, the ACAP EGs on Obsolete Pesticides, PCBs and Integrated Hazardous Waste Management Strategy were merged.  

The main documents regulating the operations and activities of the EG, are the mandate or the Terms of Reference for the three pre-existing EGs. 

The mandate for work on obsolete pesticides and PCBs was giving in the original Arctic Council Action Plan from 2001. The Terms of Reference for Integrated Hazardous Waste Management Strategy for the Russian Federation from 2010 provide the background information about the Expert Group, defines its mandate, the roles and the responsibilities within the group, the nature and the types of activities of the PSG, the phases of project implementation. The work on all three areas is further updated and defined by the ACAP biannual Work Plan, approved by Arctic Council Ministers. 

Co-chairs and contacts

The current EG chair is Mr. Timo Seppälä, Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE). 

Timo Seppälä
Senior adviser, Contaminants Division
Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE)
tel: +358 295 251 630 or +358 400 148 643
fax: + 3589 5490 2490
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Documents and publications

Meeting reports on produced by the EG on Hazardous Waste.

EG Obsolete Pesticides Meeting Report - November 2011
EG Obsolete Pesticides Meeting Report - September 2014
EG Obsolete Pesticides Meeting Report - April 2015