• Interview: Mikael Hildén, Chair of Expert Group on black carbon and methane

    When the Arctic Council Chairmanship passed from the United States to Finland in May of 2017, the Arctic Council also welcomed new Chairs for several of its Working Groups, Task Forces, and Expert Groups. In the interview below, get to know Mikael Hildén of Finland, the Chair of the Expert Group in support of implementation of the framework for action on black carbon and methane, or EGBCM.

  • A town in Greenland

    Sustainable Development Working Group addresses health issues in the Arctic

    In May, multiple meetings addressing human health issues in the Arctic took place in Tromsø. These included a workshop on reducing the incidence of suicide in indigenous groups, and a meeting of the Arctic Human Health Expert Group, or AHHEG.

  • Snowy oil derrick with flaring

    Black carbon and methane Expert Group meets in Helsinki 8-9 June

    The Expert Group on Black Carbon and Methane meets for the second time in Helsinki, Finland on 8-9 June. Reduction of black carbon and methane emitted within and beyond the borders of Arctic States will have a substantial impact on the Arctic, leading to near-term climate, health, and economic benefits in the Arctic and globally.

  • Arctic Council Expert Groups

    Expert Group in support of implementation of the framework for action on Black Carbon and Methane

    The expert group was established at the Arctic Council Ministerial Meeting in Iqaluit 24 April 2015. The objective of the expert group is to periodically assess progress of the implementation of the Arctic Council’s Framework for Action on Black Carbon and Methane, and to inform policy makers from Arctic states and for participating Arctic Council Observer states. This includes preparing, on a once every two-year cycle of the Arctic Council chairmanship, a high level “Summary of Progress and Recommendations” report, with appropriate conclusions and recommendations.

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    Ecosystem-Based Management Expert Group

    The Ecosystem-Based Management expert group, which started its work in 2011, has developed four background documents and a final report addressing the group’s recommendations, which include a policy commitment, a definition of EBM in the Arctic, a set of principles for EBM in the Arctic, and a set of high-priority activities for coordinating and improving the EBM work of the Arctic Council. Examples include the need to develop an overarching EBM goal for the Arctic Council, implement international EBM initiatives, and ensure coordination and reporting for EBM activities of the Arctic Council and its working groups. The Expert Group concluded its work by delivering its final report to the Kiruna Ministerial Meeting in May 2013.

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  • Photo: OliverN5 from flickr.com. Gothenburg city view.

    The Experts Group on Arctic Ecosystem-Based Management met in Gothenburg

    The Arctic Council Experts Group on Arctic Ecosystem-Based Management (EBM) met to work towards a common understanding on Ecosystem Based Management in the Arctic.