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  • Community Solid Waste Management Resource Toolkit

    The ACAP workshop Sharing Approaches on Community Solid and Hazardous Waste Management Within Arctic Indigenous Communities was held in Nome, Alaska, September 20- 22, 2016. One outcomes from the workshop was to develop a clearinghouse for information on waste management as a next step for further disseminating tools and resources in the Arctic region. Encouraging community connections and greater information sharing on waste management issues plays a potentially vital role in helping to protect and preserve the environment. Clean water and clean air Arctic communities are critical components to a healthy life, especially because living off the land is vital to survival.

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    First meeting of IPCAP

    IPCAP PSG gathered for its first meeting on November 7 in Luleå, Sweden. Permanent participant organisations Aleut International Association (AIA), Russian Indigenous Peoples Organisation (RAIPON), Sami Council, Indigenous Peoples Secretariat (IPS), Arctic Council secretariat and country representatives from Finland, Norway, Sweden and USA participated in the meeting. The group discussed its Terms of Reference and mandate. The aim of the PSG is both to ensure the Indigenous Peoples’ concerns are taken into account in other Arctic Council projects and to facilitate development of projects addressing the exposure to and impacts of contaminants in the indigenous communities. The PSG will elect two co-chairs, one chosen by the PPs and one by the Arctic Member States.