The Arctic Council will host a side event at this year’s Our Ocean conference in Oslo on 23 October. The side event is themed “A Cleaner Arctic Marine Environment – Battling Marine Debris in the Arctic” and is organized jointly with the Icelandic Ministry for Foreign Affairs and two of the Council’s Working Groups: the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme and the Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment Working Group.

The event brings together leading specialists and experts in the field of protection of the Arctic marine environment and addresses the staggering amount of marine litter that enters our oceans. Accounting for over 70% of all marine litter in the world ocean, plastic marine litter is one of the most challenging problems affecting the marine environment globally – and the Arctic is no exception. It has been recorded from coastal shallow waters to the seafloor of deepest oceanic trenches and basins. Plastics endanger wildlife, such as mammals and birds, found entangled in nylon nets or discovered dead with their digestive tracts full of plastics. There are also growing concerns about microplastics that have been found widely in the Arctic. But what are we doing about it, and can more be done?

During the one-hour breakfast briefing, the speakers will share their most recent findings and what lies ahead in Council’s efforts to battle the challenge of Arctic marine debris.


The side event is open to anyone. People interested in attending should get in touch with the Arctic Council Secretariat (Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.).

Location: Room Frognerparken, Clarion Hotel The Hub, Biskop Gunnerus’ Gate 3
Time of event: 07:30-08:30 (breakfast will be served)


  1. Iceland’s Chairmanship of the Arctic Council: The Importance of Our Oceans. - Stefán Skjaldarson, Chair of the Sustainable Development Working Group
  2. Key findings of the desktop study by PAME – Katrine Nissen, Head of Department, Water and Marine Environment at Ministry of Environment and Food
  3. Combining efforts of the Arctic Council Working Groups and an International Symposium on Plastics in the Arctic, #ArcticPlastics - Magnús Jóhannesson, Arctic Council designated special coordinator on plastics, marine litter
  4. Development of a marine litter regional action plan for the Arctic – Katrine Nissen, Head of Department, Water and Marine Environment at Ministry of Environment and Food
  5. Development of monitoring guidelines (AMAP) - Eivind Farmen, Norwegian Environment Agency