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10th Arctic Council Ministerial meeting: Preview of forthcoming products

21 April 2017
Learn about two upcoming media availabilities that will offer insight into many of the Working Groups' products that will be highlighted at the upcoming Ministerial meeting.

On May 11, the United States will host the 10th Arctic Council Ministerial Meeting in Fairbanks, Alaska. Minister-level representatives from the eight Arctic States will convene to review and approve work completed under the two-year U.S. Chairmanship to improve sustainable development and environmental protection in the Arctic. In advance of the Ministerial meeting, there will be two opportunities for members of the media to preview many of the reports that will be highlighted during the meeting.

Media availability: Arctic Council Working Group Chairs

Tuesday 25 April at 3:30 PM Eastern Time in Reston, Virginia, U.S.A.

Hear from the Chairs of four Arctic Council Working Groups about their forthcoming reports. The four Working Groups represented will be AMAP, CAFF, EPPR, and SDWG. Following brief remarks, the Chairs will take questions on their forthcoming work from those participating in person or virtually.

Send an email to if you wish to take part in person.

AMAP (the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme) monitors the Arctic environment, ecosystems and human populations, and provides scientific information and knowledge that informs governments as they tackle a broad range of issues, including pollution and the adverse effects of climate change.

CAFF (Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna) addresses the conservation of Arctic biodiversity, working to ensure the sustainability of the Arctic’s living resources.

EPPR (Emergency Prevention, Preparedness, and Response) works to protect the Arctic environment from the threat or impact of an accidental release of pollutants or radionuclides.

SDWG (the Sustainable Development Working Group) works to advance sustainable development in the Arctic and to improve the conditions of Arctic communities as a whole.

Media availability: AMAP releases new science reports on the state of the Arctic

Tuesday 25 April at 11:45 AM Eastern Time in Reston, Virginia, U.S.A.

On April 25, the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP) will release multiple new scientific reports highlighting the state of the Arctic environment and climate during a session at the International Conference on Arctic Science: Bringing Knowledge to Action being held in Reston, VA, U.S.A. The reports include: a new scientific assessment of climate change in the Arctic; three reports addressing opportunities and challenges for how to adapt to Arctic change; and an assessment of chemicals of emerging concern found in the Arctic.

Senior AMAP officials and co-authors of the scientific reports will be available to answer media questions related to the following reports:

  • Snow, Water, Ice, and Permafrost in the Arctic (SWIPA)
  • Adaptation Actions for a Changing Arctic (AACA)
  • Chemicals of Emerging Arctic Concern

Access complete information on this opportunity and the associated conference here:

Recordings of both media availabilities will be made as soon as possible following the events.