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ACAP Expert Group on Dioxins/Furans

During 2011-2013, feasibility studies were carried out at the VCP and further assignments for sampling & analysis of emissions as well asidentification of actions including emission reducing equipment were prepared for by the Expert Group in close dialogue with the company, the authorities and NEFCO. Installation of the first electro-filter was carried out by the company in 2013. During 2014-2015 the construction and installation of electro-filters and possibly also a cooling tower for reducing the emissions of dioxins, furans and other organic pollutants are planned for.

Information on Dioxin Emissions and their Reduction

Brief Presentation of PSG Dioxines Work

PSG Dioxines Fact Sheet

Reduction of emissions of dioxin - hand-out

Reduction of emissions of dioxin - poster

Link to the UNEP site from where the UNEP Toolkit for dioxins and furans is available - also in Russian!