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AMAP Working Group met in Moscow

18 October 2011


The meeting was opened by Ambassador, Senior Arctic Official of the Russian Federation Anton Vasiliev and the Head of Roshydromet Alexander Frolov. 

The AMAP chair, Russel Shearer, led the discussions on major issues concerning ongoing and planned activities in AMAP, deliverables to the SAO meeting in Luleå in November, The AMAP Implementation plan,cooperation with other Arctic Council Working groups and other international organizations.  On October 5th AMAP and CAFF WGs held a joint meeting.

AMAP has several upcoming reports and products that will be available in the next few weeks.Some major deliverables are “The AMAP Mercury scientific assessment report”, “The SWIPA (Ice and Permafrost in the Arctic) scientific Assessment report” and the technical report on black carbon produced by AMAP SLCF (Short-lived Climate Forcers) Expert Group. Also a translation of the SWIPA summary Executive Summary into Russian. 

On request from the SAO chair, AMAP hosted the Arctic Change Assessment (ACA) Scooping Workshop in Oslo September 28-30. A proposal for the SAO meeting in November was completed during the AMAP meeting in close collaboration with other Arctic Council Working Groups.

There is a lot of ongoing work in AMAPs Expert groups. E.g. the UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) group is preparing “International Guidelines for Safe Operation of UAS” and an “Arctic UAS Operations of Guideline”. AOA (Arctic Ocean Acidification) experts have started their work on an assessment and the Human health group have several ongoing projects.

The meeting was attended by 42 participants representing all member states, Permanent Participants (AIA and RAIPON), Observers (Netherlands), ad hoc observers (Italy, Japan and EEA) and other Arctic Council Groups (ACAP, CAFF and IPS).

Minutes from the meeting will be made available on For further information, please contact the AMAP secretariat at


Photo of AMAP Head of Delegation and Chair. From left: Yuri Tsaturov (Russia), Per Døvle (Norway) Thomas A. Amstrong (USA), Helgi Jensson (Iceland), Outi Mähonen (Finland), Morten S. Olsen (Denmark / Greenland / Faroe Islands), Russel Shearer (Chair), Tove Lundeberg (Sweden), Mikala Klint (Denmark / Greenland / Faroe Islands) and Frederick J. Wrona (Canada). Photo: Inger Utne