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Arctic Council establishes Facebook and Twitter presence

In taking steps towards enhancing the Arctic Council’s communications capacity, the Council has established profiles on Twitter and Facebook. The Arctic Council looks forward to using these channels to provide quick and up-to-date information about its work and to introduce new audiences to the Council.

To help implement the “Communication Strategy for the Arctic Council”, the Council has established profiles on Twitter and Facebook. These social media tools will contain up-to-date information on the Council’s activities and help reach new audiences. Twitter and Facebook users are invited to take advantage of these new opportunities to stay informed about the ongoing work of the Council.

The @ArcticCouncil Twitter account sent its first tweet on 12 May, and the Arctic Council Facebook page went live on 24 June. By the beginning of July, the Twitter account had acquired 500 followers and the Facebook page had reached 500 “likes”. Recognizing the potential of social media as a tool to connect with individuals around the Arctic and elsewhere in the world, the Council looks forward to continued growth in both areas.

Several other Arctic Council entities already have an established presence on Twitter, including the Chair of Senior Arctic Officials (@saochair), the Indigenous Peoples’ Secretariat (@ArcticPeoples), and Working Groups CAFF (@CAFFSecretariat), PAME (@PAMESecretariat) and AMAP (@AMAP_Arctic). Twitter users interested in regular updates on the work of the Council are encouraged to follow these accounts as well. In addition, the IPS and Working Groups CAFF and PAME are active Facebook users.