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Arctic Council launches ‘Arctic Council Active’ – and you can join

8 February 2021
Calling all active Arctic inhabitants and enthusiasts to join #ArcticCouncilActive with an ambitious starting goal: moving the distance around the Arctic Circle before the Council’s Ministerial meeting on 20 May 2021

Do you enjoy exercising and staying active, or hope to do so in 2021? Be part of the Arctic Council Active community for motivation and inspiration up North.

What is Arctic Council Active?

Arctic Council Active is an initiative by the Arctic Council to gather a community of Arctic inhabitants and enthusiasts that are passionate about staying active – whether that be running, biking, walking, hiking, skiing, snowshoeing or any activity that gets you moving.

Arctic Council Active will begin as an online initiative where participants can use #ArcticCouncilActive to share their workouts and connect with the larger Arctic community. In the future, Arctic Council Active aims at coordinating local community runs during Council and Working Group meetings that take place around the Arctic.

Arctic Council Active was conceptualized by Benjamin Strong, Search and Rescue Expert Group Chair of the Council’s Emergency Prevention, Preparedness and Response Working Group. “I am a strong believer in Arctic Council Active first of all to promote health and wellness in the Arctic,” Said Benjamin Strong. “Second, it is a fantastic opportunity for the Council and communities to engage in a more informal way. While this will be online for now due to the pandemic, I hope that when it is safe to do so we can arrange opportunities for local communities to meet and engage with Arctic Council members through activities like an organized run where local community members show off their town.”

First goal: Moving the distance around the Arctic Circle

The first Arctic Council Active challenge is to exercise the distance around the Arctic Circle – around 16,000 kilometers (9,900 miles). The goal is to cover this distance before the Arctic Council Ministerial meeting on 20 May 2021. You can add your workout to our goal and track progress on our Arctic Council Active tracker page.

Who can participate?

We encourage anyone that lives in an Arctic State or those who are enthusiastic about the Arctic to participate.

How can I participate?

Track your exercise as normal, and log it in our Arctic Council Active tracker. Here you will see our progress towards the goal. Your information will not be shared publicly.

We encourage you to share your activities on social media using #ArcticCouncilActive. Pictures and any facts or information about the area you exercise in are also greatly encouraged. Whether it is a walk around the neighborhood on a sunny day, a run that pushed you to your limit or a rewarding hiking trip – we look forward to learning about your activities.

Join the Arctic Council Active community using #ArcticCouncilActive