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Arctic Council recommends actions to reduce black carbon emissions from domestic wood-burning stoves

The Arctic Council has completed a study on how to reduce black carbon emissions from residential wood combustion in the Arctic. The study compiles information on wood burning stove and boiler technologies in the Arctic and has analyzed existing approaches to black carbon measurements, emission inventories, reduction methodologies and mitigation instruments

The report findings state that the full potential for reduction cannot be achieved, even with today’s or tomorrow’s modern stove technologies, without introducing complementary policy instruments, such as emission limits and measures to promote fuel homogeneity, regular end-user training, information campaigns and stove inspections. The report identifies actions that could be adopted to reduce black carbon emissions from residential wood combustion on both the national level and pan-Arctic level. The recommended actions may benefit Arctic people through improved local air quality and climate change mitigation.

The full report and a brochure with the recommendations can be downloaded here:

ACAPWOOD Full Report


Printed copies can be ordered from:

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