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Arctic Economic Council Secretariat opens in Tromsø

11 September 2015
On 8 September 2015, the Arctic Economic Council Secretariat was officially opened in Tromsø, Norway...

In March of 2014, the Arctic Council’s Senior Arctic Officials approved the document “Facilitating the Creation of the Arctic Economic Council”, which describes the aims of the Arctic Economic Council as: “to foster sustainable development, including economic growth, environmental protection and social development in the Arctic Region.”

The Arctic Economic Council held its founding meeting in Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada on 2-3 September 2014. Just over one year later, on 8 September 2015, Arctic Economic Council representatives and supporters met in Tromsø to formally inaugurate the Arctic Economic Council Secretariat.

Speaking at the event, Foreign Minister of Norway Børge Brende noted that “… the Arctic must remain a region of peaceful cooperation, stability, respect for international law and sustainable development of resources. The Arctic Council is a vital contributor to this end.” Norway’s Senior Arctic Official Else Berit Eikeland pointed to the rapid development of the Arctic Economic Council, saying “It has taken less than one year to establish the Arctic Economic Council Secretariat. This shows that, if you want to work together and achieve something, it is possible.”

Minister Brende joined Arctic Economic Council Chair Tara Sweeney, who represents the Inuit Circumpolar Council within the Arctic Economic Council, to raise a flag with the new Arctic Economic Council logo. Ms. Sweeney closed the day’s remarks, noting with enthusiasm “It’s time to get to work.”

For more information, please see the Arctic Economic Council website.