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Arctic Ocean Review demonstrates Arctic Council stewardship efforts of the Arctic marine environment

8 July 2013
Arctic marine areas are vital components in the regulation of global climate and an important source of nutrition, income and cultural identity for Arctic peoples and communities. At the May 2013 Ministerial meeting in Kiruna, Arctic Council Ministers welcomed the Arctic Ocean Review (AOR) Final Report and approved its 24 recommendations.

The Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment (PAME) working group begun its work on the AOR in 2009 and focused its attention on providing guidance to Arctic States on strengthening governance to achieve desired environmental, economic and socio-cultural outcomes in the Arctic through a cooperative, coordinated and integrated approach to the management of the Arctic marine environment.

Arctic states are committed to responsible governance for the conservation and sustainable use of the Arctic marine environment and are taking practical steps to implement and strengthen the extensive framework of international, regional and national instruments, measures and arrangements that apply in Arctic marine areas.

The AOR’s 24 recommendations, approved by Arctic Council Ministers are organized along the following three cross-cutting themes:

  • Indigenous Peoples and Cultures
  • Ecosystem-Based Management
  • Arctic Marine Science

Read the Arctic Ocean Review Final Report here