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CAFF signs Resolution of Cooperation with Ramsar and AEWA

On July 12 the Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna and the Ramsar Secretariat signed a Resolution of Cooperation, at the 11th Ramsar Conference of the Parties, in Bucharest, Romania, bringing the two organizations together to raise awareness and promote the importance of Arctic wetlands.

The Resolution of Cooperation recognizes the mutual importance of Arctic wetlands to both organizations, and highlights potential opportunities to collectively build and share knowledge, create awareness and enhance capacity for understanding change in these important ecosystems.

Inge Thaulow, CAFF National Representative, Greenland and Secretary General Anada Tiéga signed the paperwork at a CAFF side event “For Peat’s Sake! Arctic Wetlands in a Warming World” that discussed the status, trends and conservation of Arctic wetlands.

During the presentation Inge Thaulow provided an introduction to CAFF and the Arctic Council, then Tatiana Minayeva of Wetlands International presented on the diversity and distribution of these unique ecosystems, highlighting threats and conservation activities. Lars Dinesen, representative of Denmark on behalf of the Faroe Islands then presented on the first Ramsar sites in the Faroe Islands, designated by Denmark in June . Tom Barry, Executive Secretary of CAFF then discussed CAFF‘s cooperation with international bodies including the Ramsar Convention and the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). CAFF and the CBD already have a Resolution of Cooperation in place.

Later that day Tom Barry signed an additional resolution of cooperation with the African-Eurasian Waterbird Agreement (AEWA) to contribute to international cooperation and build capacity regarding the conservation of migratory waterbird species within the African-Eurasian flyways.