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CLEO Workshop set to take place in Inari, June 2-3

On June 2-3, 2016 in Inari, Finland delegates will gather to discuss the first steps in expanding the LEO network to the Circumpolar region - CLEO. CLEO is a project under the IPCAP Expert Group of ACAP. The purpose of the workshop is to exchange information, knowledge and experiences of different local environmental observation projects across the circumpolar Arctic.

Experienced observers and technical experts from North America will meet with delegates from across the circumpolar region, some whom already participate in observation networks in their region, to learn about the observer networks. The results of this workshop will summarize existing community based observation systems in Arctic regions, mechanisms for connecting Traditional Local Knowledge to outside technical experts, identify gaps that the CLEO project could work to fill, and initialize a framework for establishing a circumpolar local environmental observer network.

Workshop Documents:

CLEO Workshop Agenda

Practical Information

CLEO Workshop Invitation

CLEO Brochure

CLEO Workshop List of Participants

Workshop Presentations

Building a Circumpolar Local Environmental Observer (CLEO) Network

The case of Atlantic wild salmon

Arctic Centre's projects regarding Indigenous, Traditional and Local Ecological Knowledge

Experiences of Community Based Monitoring and Ecological Restoration in Finland

Projects, One Health and Other Applications of LEO Network

About LEO: Local Environmental Observer Network

Capacity Building Through the Indian General Assistance Program

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