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Deputy Ministers' Meeting in Stockholm

11 May 2012
The Deputy Ministers' Meeting under the Swedish Chairmanship takes place next week on Tuesday 15 May. The venue is the "Spegelsalen" of the Grand Hotel in downtown Stockholm. Approximately 100 delegates are expected to attend.

The meeting marks the halfway point of the Swedish Chairmanship of the Arctic Council and is the second Deputy Ministers' Meeting organized by the Arctic Council. The first took place during the Danish Chairmanship in Copenhagen May 2010.


The Deputy Ministers' of the Arctic Council Member States and the Permanent Participant Heads of Delegation will gather to discuss and approve documents and projects. Representatives from the Arctic Council's Working groups and Observers will also attend the meeting. A new project on climate change and environmental impact will be among the items discussed at the meeting.

"The Deputy Ministers' meeting will hopefully adopt a number of decisions that strengthen the Arctic Council and lay the ground for next years' Foreign Ministers' meeting in Kiruna", says Sweden's State Secretary for Foreign Affairs Mr. Frank Belfrage.

Press conference

Journalists are welcome to the opening of the Deputy Ministers’ Meeting at 09.00 on Tuesday. A press conference, led by Frank Belfrage, will also be held in connection with the conclusion of the meeting, at approximately 12.30 in the "Strömsalongerna" suite at the Grand Hotel.

Prior notification of attendance is required.