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Educational film on ocean acidification in the Arctic

The Arctic Ocean Acidification (AOA) assessment, approved at the Kiruna Ministerial Meeting 15 May 2013, is the latest report by the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP). The assessment reviews the current state of knowledge regarding ocean acidification from an Arctic perspective. Two short films have been prepared to present the content of the report in an accessible form.

The full (12-minute) film is intended for educational use. The narration uses uncomplicated language, therefore targeting younger people who may not have English as their mother-tongue. The objective is to explain what ocean acidification is, and why it is a concern globally, but especially from an Arctic perspective. All AMAP-produced films are freely-available for educational use. A shorter (3-minute) version of the film aimed at media and politicians is also available.

The films are based on the scientific findings of the AOA assessment, and include interviews with lead scientists responsible for the assessment in which they discuss the issues and present their views.

View the films:

Short 3 minute version

Full 12 minute version

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Photo: Tommy Larsen. The coast of Bleik, Andøy in Northern Norway. / ФОТО: ТОММИ ЛАРСЕН. ПОБЕРЕЖЬЕ В РАЙОНЕ СЕЛЕНИЯ БЛЕЙК, АННЁЙ, СЕВЕРНАЯ НОРВЕГИЯ.