The Norwegian Chairship team with the Working Group and Expert Group Chairs and Secretariats in Tromsø
The Norwegian Chairship team with the Working Group and Expert Group Chairs and Secretariats in Tromsø
© Minetta Westerlund / ACS

Norwegian Chairship hosts first meeting with Working / Expert Group Chairs and Secretariats

15 June 2023
From 13-15 June 2023, the Norwegian Chairship hosted a first meeting with the Chairs and Secretariats of the Council’s six Working Groups (WGs) and the Expert Group on Black Carbon and Methane (EGBCM) since Norway assumed the Arctic Council Chairship (2023-2025) in May this year. More than 30 participants representing all of the Council’s subsidiary bodies, including the Arctic Council Secretariat (ACS) and the Indigenous Peoples’ Secretariat (IPS), gathered for the in-person meeting in Tromsø, Norway.

The three-day meeting facilitated communication and cooperation between the Chairship and all subsidiary bodies at the launch of Norway’s second Chairship cycle. An important topic was the extension of the work plans of the Working and Expert Groups, as decided by Arctic States at the 13th meeting of the Arctic Council, and the alignment of projects with the priorities of the Norwegian Chairship. Other topics included an outlook on youth engagement in the WGs, the priorities and challenges faced by Indigenous Permanent Participant organizations as it relates to their participation in WG activities, Observer engagement in the WGs and EGBCM, as well as upcoming events and communications.

Morten Høglund, Chair of the Senior Arctic Officials, is very satisfied with the first meeting on the working level: “It was a very valuable and timely exchange between our Chairship team and the Working Groups and EGBCM. There was so much dedication and positive attitude around the table, everyone is eager to advance the important work of the Arctic Council. While we still face challenges on getting the project work of the Arctic Council fully going again, I leave Tromsø with optimism that this commitment will enable us to chart a way forward for important work supported by all eight Arctic States and six Permanent Participants.”

The participants also joined in celebrating the ACS’ 10th anniversary, which became operational in June 2013 and is located in Tromsø.