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Phase II of the Arctic Ocean Review

Project (AOR) is a multi-phased project led by the working group PAME (Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment) to review the status and trends of the Arctic marine environment;

review global and regional measures in place for the conservation and sustainable use of the Arctic marine environment; and, analyze options and opportunities to strengthen the conservation and sustainable use of the Arctic marine environment and provide advice to decision-makers in this regard.

Phase I (2009-2011) of the project focused on information gathering, outreach, and outlining existing measures. Phase II (2011-2013) is the analytical phase of the project, which builds on the information collected in Phase I and considers how to manage the Arctic marine environment against a backdrop of accelerated change. The second phase will conclude with a report to Arctic Council Ministers, with recommendations to strengthen global and regional measures that will help ensure a healthy and productive AME in light of current and emerging trends.

The project Co-Leads (Canada, Iceland, Norway, Russia, United States) launched Phase II by convening an Arctic experts workshop in Reykjavik, Iceland in September, 2011. The workshop was able to bring a wide range of ideas from a variety of subject matter experts, in particular highlighting and elaborating the relationship, significance, and role of arctic inhabitants with regard to the marine environment. Presentations (available on the PAME website) and discussions considered status and trends, opportunities and options related to the Arctic marine environment and the human dimension.

The AOR report is currently progressing according to schedule and the project leads expect all contributing authors to deliver a final report in lead up to the 2013 Arctic Council Ministerial.