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Provisional programme released for AMAP international science conference on Arctic Ocean Acidification, Bergen, 6-8 May

The Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP) working group will organize a science conference on Arctic Ocean Acidification 6-8 May in Bergen, Norway.

The conference will include talks by invited keynote speakers, and oral and poster presentations selected from abstracts submitted to the organizers. The presentations cover results from observational, experimental and modelling studies of past, present and future ocean acidification; responses of marine organisms and ecosystem structure, functioning and biodiversity; perturbations to biogeochemical cycling and feedbacks to the climate system; and the economic, social and policy challenges of ocean acidification.

The conference is intended for scientists, policy- and decision-makers, stakeholders including northern residents and indigenous peoples, fisheries organizations, industry, and press – and additional participants are welcome

To download the provisional programme and/or register for the conference visit the conference website.