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Three PAME workshops on the Arctic marine environment

During the week of 10-14 June, 2013, the Arctic Council’s Working Group on Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment (PAME) convened three workshops in Reykjavík, Iceland to advance work as directed by the Arctic Council Ministers in Kiruna and outlined in PAME‘s 2013-2015 workplan.

There are special challenges associated with assembling the human resources and information necessary for integrated environmental assessments where large marine ecosystems transcend international boundaries. The third Ecosystem Approach Workshop (June 10-11, 2013) focused on understanding the basic data resources available to enable Integrated Environmental Assessment (IEA) in Arctic Large Marine Ecosystems (LMEs). Three case studies were presented on LMEs that transcend international boundaries: the Barents Sea, the Beaufort Sea and the Northern Bering Chukchi Sea LMEs.

A bridging workshop (12-13 June, 2013) brought together a range of Arctic Council expertise to focus on the important linkages between the Identification of Arctic marine areas of heightened ecological significance (AMSA IIC) and Specially Designated Arctic Marine Areas (AMSA IID) follow-up projets to the Arctic Marine Shipping Assessment (AMSA). Discussion centered on the sensitivity and ecological importance of high seas areas of the Arctic Ocean and took note that a scenario approach may be useful for addressing challenges of future maritime traffic.

In 2004, the Arctic Marine Strategic Plan (AMSP) provided direction to the Arctic Council on strategic actions to improve how the Arctic Coastal and marine environment is managed. At the 1st scoping workshop (13-14 June, 2013) for the new AMSP, AC states, Permanent Participants, working groups and other stakeholders began the process that will effectively guide the Arctic Council on marine issues for the next ten years. The discussion focused on the scope, vision, goals and strategic actions.

Presentations and workshop reports will be posted on the PAME homepage.

Photo: Bryan Pocius/Flickr. Aerial view of Reykjavik where the PAME workshops were held. / ФОТО: БРАЙАН ПОCИУС. РЕЙКЬЯВИК, МЕСТО ПРОВЕДЕНИЯ РАБОЧИХ СОВЕЩАНИЙ PAME, С ВЫСОТЫ ПТИЧЬЕГО ПОЛЁТА