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Video interviews with outgoing and incoming SAO Chairs

On the eve of the Iqaluit Ministerial Meeting, current SAO Chair Vincent Rigby and incoming SAO Chair David Balton spoke about memories of the past two years and expectations for the future...

On the eve of the Iqaluit Ministerial Meeting, outgoing SAO Chair Vincent Rigby of Canada shared some particularly noteworthy memories of his time as Chair of the Senior Arctic Officials, as well as the successes under Canada's Chairmanship that have been the most significant to him. Incoming SAO Chair David Balton of the United States spoke a bit about his own hopes and expectations for the upcoming US Chairmanship of the Arctic Council.

Vincent Rigby

David Balton

Vincent Rigby and David Balton interviewed together on the role of the Arctic Council Chairmanship and how they have worked to ensure a smooth transition from the Canadian to the U.S. Chairmanship.