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Workshop on reducing Black Carbon emissions from residential wood combustion

The Norwegian Climate and Pollution Agency and the Finnish Environment Institute hosted an Arctic Contaminants Action program (ACAP) working group workshop in Oslo on 18th and 19th of June 2013. The workshop was organized as part of the midpoint status review of the ACAP project on reduction of black carbon emissions from residential wood combustion.

The project is co-lead by Norway and Finland and assisted by consultants from SINTEF and Norsk Energi.

Nominated National experts from six Arctic countries and representatives from international organizations and research institutions took part in dedicated workshop discussions. The participants shared their experiences in building national black carbon inventories and introducing mitigation instruments and measures. The workshop covered climate effects from black carbon emission in the Arctic, outputs of other complementing international initiatives; such as the work of the Arctic Council Task Force on Short Lived Climate Forcers, future wood combustion technologies, wood stove user preferences, the effectiveness of information campaigns and approaches to develop action plans to mitigate black carbon emissions.

The ACAP project will continue to map out current approaches to building black carbon inventories and selecting mitigation instruments and measures. The first project report will be published in early 2014 and aim to recommend concrete pan-Arctic actions to reduce black carbon emissions from residential wood combustion.