Don Becker / USGS
Don Becker / USGS

Marine Invasive Alien Species in Arctic Waters

Protecting the Arctic from the adverse impacts of invasive alien species


Contribute to the implementation of the Arctic Invasive Alien Species Strategy and Action Plan (ARIAS 2017) by improving the knowledge base for CAFF and PAME on specific actions in ARIAS that focus on the risk of potential transfer of alien invasive species by ships via ballast water and biofouling into and within Arctic waters.


  • Compile of a list of known nonindigenous species, including their current distributions, in Arctic waters. Presently, most Arctic States have data and knowledge that can be included directly in the project, which will also include a list of data sources.
  • Review methods and tools used for risk assessment of invasive species, vectors and pathways, and identify those best suited for the project’s risk assessments, as well as an assessment of the probability of nonindigenous species to be transferred by ships into Arctic waters, and between different ecoregions in the Arctic, presently and in the year 2100.