Circumpolar Solid Waste Workshop

12 фев-13 фев 2020

Anchorage, Alaska USA

The Circumpolar Solid Waste Workshop will bring together participants with past and current project work in solid waste and marine plastics in the Arctic Council. The main focus of this workshop will be to develop a Project Support Instrument (PSI) proposal that is broadly agreed upon, and showcases support from multiple Arctic Council Working Groups, Member States, and Permanent Participant organizations (PPs). The outcome will be a final PSI proposal to be developed jointly based upon the Solid Waste Management in the Arctic project, which is already approved by both the Arctic Contaminants Action Program (ACAP) and the Sustainable Development Working Group (SDWG). This planning effort represents the first step to a joint working group approach to developing replicable community solid waste projects across the Arctic.

Registration: The Circumpolar Solid Waste Workshop will be situated at the center of activities with 26th Annual Alaska Forum on the Environment.

  • Register for the Circumpolar Solid Waste Workshop (12-13 February) here:
  • To register for the Alaska Forum on the Environment (10-14 February ) to take advantage of solid waste and marine debris sessions, with presenters from all over the Arctic, please follow the information for group code here:
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